Martin X

Martin X was created to celebrate our 10 years of toy making, and the 10th anniversary of the fashion brand Silas and Maria. He is an updated version of the original Martin figure, released in 1998 as the very first product produced by Silas and Maria. Designed by James Jarvis, Martin was a unique way of introducing Silas to the world. He was also one of the first creations to emerge in a new growing toy culture, that was to blossom in the coming new millennium.


Martin X is Martin 10 years on. He is a slightly more portly gentleman but happy in himself. Gone are the rebellious “hail Satan” hands, to be replaced by the more positive, forward thinking “thumbs-up” gesture. 10 years has had a calming effect on Martin and he is now more comfortable with himself as an individual and likes to think of himself as being a little more world-wise.


Maybe we will get to see an even more accomplished Martin double X in another 10 years.


Features include:
Thumbs-up action.
Positive disposition.
10 years Life Experience.
Extra Geometric Sophistication (EGS).


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