Q: What are the figures made from?
A: The In-Crowd figures are made from a combination of injection moulded ABS plastic and PVC. The larger figures (such as King Ken, Vortigern’s Machine, YOD) are made using a completely different material (soft vinyl) and manufacturing process (rotocast production) . The larger toys are usually made in smaller quantities and it is cheaper to create the tools for the rotocast process. This is why smaller toy designers often favour soft vinyl as a production material.


Q: Can I eat them?
A: Definitely not!


Q: Where can I buy the figures?
A: You can buy from our online store. Also please check the store finder in the Where to Buy section on the website. Stores with on-line facilities will have their URLs listed too. Unfortunately I’m afraid this list is not always up to date.


Q: I have a store and I would like to stock the figures. How do I do this?
A: We do little distribution these days. But please check the Distributor List in the Where to Buy section and e-mail the distributor closest to the area you are based. They may be able to help.


Q: Where can I buy the Silas and World of Pain toys?
A: The original Silas toys were made in limited numbers and have long since sold out. The last few Bearded Prophets can be found in our online store and at the odd shop and site but these are fast disappearing. Sometimes we have some old figures available (at a premium price) in the Stash section of our online store. And others come up on eBay from time to time. In 2004 Medicom Toy of Japan produced Kubrick versions of these figures, which are available through our online store.


Q: Did IC01 the In-Crowd Zombies come in a set box?
A: No. These first In-Crowd figures were sold as individuals only.


Q: How many white King Kens were there?
A: Contrary to popular belief, the numbers on the stickers on the bottom of the black packaging do not relate to anything important. There were approximately 600 white King Kens.


Q: Are the In-Crowd series limited edition?
A: All our products are a limited edition. Isn't everything?


Q: Has James designed characters for Nokia?
A: James has indeed designed some figures for Nokia Business Solutions and Amos has turned these into an In-Crowd series exclusively for Nokia to give to their business customers. However, the character names and personalities were defined by Nokia and did not come from the depths of the James Jarvis mind.


Q: Will you make toys from my designs?
A: The short answer is no. Too much to do, too many people to work with, too little time and money.


Q: Can you tell me how and where to make toys?
A: Again, the short answer is no. Set up costs are quite expensive and factory contacts are usually closely guarded secrets. What I can tell you is that the New York Toy Fair held every February has a good section representing toy manufacturers from Asia. It is a trade only event but with a little wheeling and dealing you should be able to get yourself in to investigate. If you can not pull off that coup then the world of toy manufacturing is definitely not for you. The other thing to do is check out some of the internet forums on prominent toy sites and see if you can persuade anyone to impart precious information.


Q: Will James Jarvis draw me a card for my boyfriend's/girlfriend's birthday/engagement/wedding?
A: Probably not.


Q: Will James Jarvis send me a sketch?
A: Will you commission him at his full hourly rate?


Q: Is there a way to open the King Ken blister pack without destroying it?
A: No. It's only packaging - please dispose of it in a responsible manner.


Q: Are you always like this?
A: Mostly.

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