Amos Books is an important part of the Amos brand. When the company was formed in 2002 it was always intended that future product would include more than toys. Amos was intended to be a vehicle to utilise creative ideas and present them to a wider audience. Books are the perfect medium to fulfil this aim. Beginning with the release of of Will Sweeney’s Tales From Green Fuzz, (now on issue #3), Amos has slowly managed to publish a small but diverse range of material, including James Jarvis and Russell Waterman’s Vortigern’s Machine and the Great Sage of Wisdom, an ambitious attempt to recreate and update the epic atmosphere invoked in children’s comic book adventure stories such as Tintin and Astérix.


Other Amos publications include the eccentric and unclassifiable YODZINE, a collection of James Jarvis’ Selected Drawings, and a photographic study of women in costume at a famous US comic book convention, Wonder Women of America. Most recently Amos published The Wisdom of Caleb, an onlinecartoon strip in the form of a daily blog.

Going forward Amos hope to continue publishing books, comics, pamphlets and online materials whenever the will and a suitable idea should take shape.

  The Wisdom of Caleb   vmcover  

Vortigern's Machine and the Great Sage of Wisdom

  Selected Drawings   gf-1  

Tales from Greenfuzz #1 Kebabylon!

  YODZINE   gf-1   Tales from Greenfuzz #2 Pureefication!
  Wonder Women of America   gf-1  

Tales from Greenfuzz #3 Guess Who's Coming for Dinner!

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